Spending Quality Time with Kids and Grandchildren through Country Club Activities and Sports 

With hectic family schedules, spending consistent quality time with your kids can be a struggle. And although some may view luxury country clubs as adult-only environments, they couldn’t be more wrong. 


Whether you’re looking after your grandchildren for the weekend or having the whole family round for an occasion, getting out and playing sports together is a fabulous way to keep connected and engaged.


Keep reading to discover how Andalusia country club can help you bond with your family while working up a sweat. 

Time for Some Group Games 

With a 25-meter pool waiting to be enjoyed, the kids will be off their iPads and into the great outdoors in no time. 


One benefit of belonging to an active country club is that you can give the kids in your family the opportunity to play different sports than they would at school. 


If you want to encourage a healthy bit of competition, we have several different court games available on-site, including pickleball, tennis, and bocce. Pickleball is a great sport to get your kids and grandchildren into as the rules are straightforward, and due to the intimate size of the court, it’s a very sociable game. 


By experiencing the wild emotions of sport together—joy, anxiety, pride, and frustration—you can build a vital support system for the children in your family. These hours of active fun will become precious lifelong memories. 


Also, with the help of our private lessons, you could be nurturing the next Jennifer Dawson before you know it! 


To view the full range of activities we have to offer, take a look here

Share Your Love of Golf 

Don’t be fooled: It’s not only adults who can appreciate a round of golf. 


Golf is a fantastic low-impact sport and a brilliant way to keep active for the old and the young. A key benefit of playing golf with your kids or grandchildren is the time it gives for conversation while you play. 


As well as sharing your golfing tips and tricks as you make your way around the fairway, you can have a good catch-up and a much-needed bonding session. (Relaxed chats are a bit trickier across a tennis net after all.) 


If you’ve been playing a sport for decades, it can be a little challenging to play with someone who is brand new to the game. However, golf isn’t one of these sports. It’s accessible to all ages, you simply need to adjust the handicap for the person’s ability. 


That’s why golf is the perfect game for family members of all ages and capabilities. Together, families can embrace the country club lifestyle and happily work around our stunning 18-hole championship course.  


If you fancy getting the little ones into the golf community, click here to view the different memberships we have available. 

Awaken the Baby Yogis in Your Family 

Exercise doesn’t always need to be loud, intense, or played in teams. Yoga is a great alternative for children who don’t like traditional sports, and it’s proven to be a big hit, with 1.7 million kids already practicing in the US. 


Teaching children early on the importance of having a healthy mindset and taking time out for yourself is really important. Growing kids can be full of raging hormones, so providing them with a practice that teaches them how to regulate their emotions while increasing their strength and flexibility is a win-win. 


Yoga is also a great way to help children with anxiety by teaching them breathing and relaxation techniques. For younger children, why not add some silly sounds during the classic cat-cow or warrior positions? Who said yoga had to be serious? 


You can join a yoga class with your kids in our state-of-the-art gym, or if you fancy something more informal, you can use our facilities for a private family session. 


Discovering and enjoying a new discipline together can become a much-enjoyed and valued shared experience.   


Spending quality time with the children of your family is immensely important at all ages, and staying active together is a brilliant way to stay connected. By strengthening your family connection through all the emotions that sports can bring, you create tight bonds and memories that last a lifetime. 


To learn more about country club life and how it could benefit all of your family, check out our website for more details.