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Our seven distinctive model home floor plans range from 2,300 to over 5,100 square feet, with designs conceived to allow a full range of customization. Select your preferred floor plan and lot, and our professional interior designers will work with you to create a home that’s tailored specifically for you—from designer kitchens and separate casitas to private covered patios and artfully landscaped courtyards.


Simply choose from any of the spectacular homesites available, select one of the residences below, customize it with an infinite number of selections and let the Andalusia Sales, Design and Construction team build you the home of your dreams in La Quinta CA near Palm Springs.


Sunrise Company combines flawless craftsmanship, brilliant innovation and exquisite design with an unrelenting commitment to quality that demands the same exacting standards for the details you can’t see as it does for those you can. Winner of the National Housing Quality Silver Award, the company’s approach to development is as innovative as the places it creates. 


Captivating mosaic patterns, luxurious hand-woven carpets, exotic woods, tumbled marble, finely detailed cabinetry … the Andalusia Design Studio offers endless inspiration to stir the imagination. With everything here at one’s fingertips, the Design Studio affords owners who appreciate the beautiful and provocative the ability to create a residence uniquely tailored to their own tastes – both indoors and outdoors.  Along the way, owners can rely upon the support of accomplished and richly experienced interior designers/project managers to help coordinate and source the materials for their home – an invaluable service for those who live at a distance.


A $50,000 Design Center Incentive is currently being offered for 200 Series Plans. The typical 200 Series homesite is 55 ft. x 140 ft. 7,700 square feet. Actual dimensions vary depending upon location.


PLAN 201

2,315 Sq. Ft. – 3 BD 3.5 BA  |  From $1,257,000

Andalusia Plan 202 desert contemporary architecture

PLAN 202

2,634 Sq. Ft. – 3 BD 3.5 BA  |  From $1,328,000

300 SeriES PLANS

A $100,000 Design Center Incentive is currently being offered for 300 Series Homes. The typical 300 Series homesite is 65 ft. x 180 ft. 11,700 square feet. Actual dimensions vary depending upon location.

Animations are for representational purposes only and subject to variances. Variances may include, but are not limited to, views and exposure to light, finishes for the final product, as well as layout and included features in the finished product.

PLAN 301

3,333 Sq. Ft. – 4 BD 4.5 BA  |  From $1,822,000

PLAN 302

3,696 Sq. Ft. – 4 BD 4.5 BA  |  From $1,949,000

PLAN 303

4,038 Sq. Ft. – 4 BD 4.5 BA  |  From $2,032,000

400 series plans

A $150,000 Design Center Incentive is currently being offered for 400 series plans. The typical 400 Series homesite is 75 ft. x 180 ft. 13,500 square feet. Actual dimensions vary depending upon location.

Animations are for representational purposes only and subject to variances. Variances may include, but are not limited to, views and exposure to light, finishes for the final product, as well as layout and included features in the finished product.

PLAN 401

4,426 Sq. Ft. – 4 BD 4.5 BA  |  From $2,358,000

PLAN 402

5,090 Sq. Ft. – 4 BD 4.5 BA  |  From $2,625,000

Luxury Desert Homes in La Quinta, CA near Palm Springs

The Finest Collection of Palm Desert Homes for Sale at Andalusia

Welcome to the world of luxury living and the unparalleled experience of Palm Desert real estate at Andalusia Country Club. We’re proud to showcase the most exquisite Palm Desert homes for sale on the market today.


Our remarkable collection of luxury homes promises a lavish lifestyle that encapsulates the pinnacle of architectural design, comfort, and the stunning natural beauty of Palm Desert. Allow us to guide you in choosing your dream home nestled within magnificent gated communities amidst panoramic mountain views and exceptional amenities.

Delight in the Golf Course Properties of Your Dreams

Discover our exquisite golf course, designed by the master golf course architect Rees Jones. Golf enthusiasts from all walks of life can indulge in a sophisticated blend of elegance and sport, with our well-manicured greens seamlessly merging recreation and relaxation within these exclusive neighborhoods.

Live an Active Lifestyle and Thrive in Our Close-Knit Community

Our exceptional tennis communities cater to tennis enthusiasts craving an active lifestyle. Enjoy our extensive biking and hiking trails offering exquisite views of the Coachella Valley. Our state-of-the-art Sports Club provides yoga, Pilates, and trainer-led fitness classes while keeping your nutritional needs in mind.


Friendly rivalry is encouraged with games of bocce ball and exciting tennis competitions on our beautifully maintained courts. Our luxurious pool provides a stress-free space to unwind after a long day. Indulge in the rejuvenating massages, facials, hair, and nail treatments at our renowned spa, where relaxation and pampering await.


At Andalusia Country Club, you’ll find a truly vibrant community with an extensive lineup of activities and events that promise fun, excitement, and opportunities to socialize with fellow members. From themed parties to wine tastings, art classes, and more, there’s something for everyone at our luxurious complex.

Savor Fine Dining Experiences and Casual Delights

Expect nothing less than an exceptional dining experience in our impressive clubhouse. Featuring a variety of culinary options catering to all palettes, from our main gourmet restaurant to the stylish Tapas, every meal is an indulgence waiting to be savored.

Relish Perfect Full-time, Second, and Vacation Homes

Our homes cater to everyone’s preferences, from full-time residents to globetrotting international citizens looking for a serene escape in the breathtaking beauty of Palm Desert. With our luxurious vacation and second homes, step into an unrivaled haven of leisure, delight, and tranquility. Customize our homes to fit your lifestyle, whether you need a primary refuge or an opulent second residence to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Explore Unique Investment Opportunities

Investing in our luxurious properties means securing a valuable investment in the thriving Palm Desert real estate market. Each house in our community is a testament to exquisite architecture and tasteful design, representing the best of modern luxury living.


Experience opulence and splendor in our diverse property selection, with their beautiful surroundings and a community of like-minded individuals who cherish fine living, making our properties the perfect choice for discerning investors.

Trust in Our Seasoned Expertise in Luxury Palm Desert Real Estate

Our team of dedicated professionals will guide you through the process of discovering the most exquisite Palm Desert homes for sale, emphasizing your unique wants and needs. Embrace the rarest gems concealed in the exclusive corners of the Palm Desert real estate market and make your dream home a breathtaking reality.

A Paradise with Palm Desert Homes for Sale Awaits You

We invite you to join us at Andalusia Country Club, where we unveil the stunning world of luxury living that awaits you in the idyllic Palm Desert. Trust our expertise, and embark on this awe-inspiring journey together towards a dazzling, tailored lifestyle.


Experience the enchantment of the finest collection of Palm Desert homes for sale at Andalusia Country Club. Encounter endless possibilities when finding your perfect haven in our luxurious properties, optimized for every discerning individual seeking an opulent, tranquil abode.

Find Your Dream Home in the Heart of the Palm Desert Real Estate Market

At Andalusia Country Club, we’ve carefully curated a diverse selection of Palm Desert homes for sale, designed to fit virtually any taste and lifestyle. Our masterfully-crafted homes offer the chance to immerse yourself in a posh environment that others only dream of. Not only will you enjoy exceptional living spaces, but you will also thrive in the serene and secure surroundings of our exclusive gated communities.

Experience Outdoor Adventures and Community Events

Venture beyond the doors of your luxurious home to discover a wealth of opportunities to connect with nature and fellow community members. Throughout the year, Andalusia Country Club hosts various community events, from outdoor picnics and holiday celebrations to engaging workshops, bringing neighbors together and fostering long-lasting friendships.


Embrace the adventurous side of Palm Desert, where you have direct access to picturesque parks, nature preserves, and miles of breathtakingly scenic trails, ideal for walking, jogging, and cycling. Set off on an invigorating mountain hike, interact with wildlife, or explore the striking desert landscape that graces the region.

Enjoy a Seamless Connection with Andalusia Country Club

Stay connected and informed at Andalusia Country Club, as we strive to provide you with an unrivaled experience through our attentive staff, luxurious facilities, and personalized services. We uphold the highest service standards to ensure that your needs are met, and you feel supported in truly embracing the luxurious lifestyle of our community.

Elegance Meets Serenity: Unfold the Best of Palm Desert Homes for Sale

Discover the finest luxury homes for sale in Andalusia Country Club, where elegance, comfort, and serenity effortlessly coexist within one luxurious community. Our mission is to provide you with the perfect blend of sophistication and tranquility – transforming your dreams of lavish living into reality.

Come, join us on this incredible journey, and allow us to help you unveil an extraordinary lifestyle that encompasses every aspect of modern luxury living, right here in Palm Desert.


With Andalusia Country Club, you’ll not only be investing in a high-quality luxury property but also embarking on a life-changing experience that promises limitless possibilities, engaging community interactions, and, most importantly, a home that truly reflects who you are.


Let us accompany you on this exciting adventure, and together, we’ll find your ideal, exclusive paradise within the Palm Desert real estate market. Indulge in the luxury living that you’re accustomed to, and let Andalusia Country Club make your dream home a breathtaking reality.


Invigorating experiences, stunning surroundings, and an endless supply of unforgettable moments await you at Andalusia Country Club. Take the first step towards creating a life filled with unparalleled luxury, vibrant community, and distinctively refined homes.


Embrace the prestigious world of Andalusia Country Club, and explore our magnificent Palm Desert homes for sale, each with its distinct charm and elegant features. We’re confident that with our personalized service, unwavering commitment to excellence, and dedication to providing the ultimate luxury living experience, you’ll find an extraordinary home that resonates with your soul.


Together, we can create the perfect space for you and your loved ones to begin new chapters, create unforgettable memories, and define your unparalleled legacy. Join us at the Andalusia Country Club, and let the inspiring Palm Desert landscape become the endless canvas for your life’s masterpiece.


With Andalusia Country Club, immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury, where our meticulously crafted homes, unparalleled amenities, and vibrant community come together to welcome you to the world of opulence that you’ve always dreamt of. The time is now to embark on this awe-inspiring journey with us, and let the beauty of Palm Desert guide you towards your idyllic home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Palm Desert offers a wide variety of homes, including luxury homes, golf course properties, gated communities, and vacation homes.

The price range for Palm Desert homes can vary significantly based on factors like size, location, and amenities, but typically features a range of mid-to-high-end properties.

Yes, numerous gated communities offer exclusive living opportunities, such as Andalusia Country Club, known for its luxury homes and top-notch amenities.

Palm Desert offers a variety of lifestyle amenities, including golf courses, tennis courts, sports clubs, fitness classes, spa treatments, hiking and biking trails, and dining experiences.

Absolutely! Palm Desert is an ideal location for second homes or vacation properties due to its serene atmosphere, luxurious amenities, and consistently pleasant climate.

The process involves finding a trusted real estate agent with expertise in Palm Desert homes, defining your requirements, exploring available properties, and finalizing the purchase.

Yes, many home builders and communities in Palm Desert offer customizable homes, allowing you to design a living space tailored to your tastes and lifestyle.