Pickleball Passion

To say that pickleball is popular at Andalusia Country Club is an understatement. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the nation and it’s definitely in full swing at Andalusia. So much so that Andalusia now has eight dedicated, lighted pickleball courts.

About 30 percent of Andalusia Country Club members play pickleball and that number is growing daily. It is popular among tennis players, as well as those who have never played tennis, but enjoy the more relaxed, forgiving game of pickleball. Many of the club’s avid golfers have even joined in the pickleball craze –
giving them an additional outlet for their competitive spirit.

Currently there are three pickleball drop-in days, organized pickleball exchanges with other country clubs and an annual tournament – the Vlasic Classic Pickleball Challenge. Both Andalusia Country Club Director of Tennis Blake Wilcox and Assistant Tennis Professional Riley Conn – pickleball fans themselves – offer pickleball lessons and clinics for members wanting to give it a try.

Andalusia’s reputation as a fun, but serious spot for pickleball landed it as the host of the 2015 Coachella Valley Grand Prix, drawing more than 200 pickleball players from around the nation.

One of the secrets to its success is that Andalusia has developed a program where tennis players and “picklers,” as they are fondly called harmoniously play side by side. That’s not always the case, but as Blake Wilcox states, “At Andalusia, we’re one big happy family.”