“We’ve gone from Wall Streeters to street pedalers.”
Tom and Kathy Buelter

Tom and Kathy Buelter have walked the Great Wall, safaried the Serengeti and traveled to 74 countries since retiring in 2001. After working side by side for years, as Chairman and President of On Assignment, Inc., they fell in love and left their highly successful company as husband and wife.

Members of the Hoover Institution and Charter Members of the Historical Trust which purchased the Reagan Ranch, Tom and Kathy visited fifteen other communities before choosing Andalusia. As non-golfers, they wanted a community without what they call “silly rules” and the cliquishness that can sometimes be found in country clubs.

“At Andalusia, the people are sophisticated but not snobby,” Tom says. “We’ve lived in other communities, and we’ve never seen the cohesiveness and camaraderie we’ve found here. We like that you can use the clubhouse without buying a golf membership.”

Tom and Kathy keep busy hiking, biking and attending cultural and entertainment events in the area. One of their favorite activities is biking to the La Quinta Farmers Market every Saturday. The fifteen-mile round trip lets them stock up on the freshest vegetables, fruit, breads and flowers.

Andalusia Owners - Tom & Kathy Buelter