“Our Fly-In, Fly-Out Home.” Don, Andrea and Jaxson Goodman


While Don, Andrea and Jaxson Goodman enjoy spectacular L.A. and ocean views from their Pacific Palisades home, they love to escape the coastal fog and big-city bustle by having Andrea fly them to Andalusia on the family plane. “The Jacqueline Cochran Airport is just ten minutes away, so it’s very easy for us,” she says.

Andrea’s grandmother has a home in La Quinta, so she has been visiting this area since childhood. She has fond memories of “the smell of grass, the warm air, and the stars at night.”

The Goodmans chose Andalusia for its peaceful atmosphere and uncommonly friendly people. “At other communities, nobody said hi or bye, there was no waving—it felt like a city,” says Andrea. “Here you feel like you belong…and because you’re away from crowds and traffic…like you’re always on vacation.”

Don and Andrea golf together, swim, wheel the community’s bike paths and hike the Santa Rosa Mountains. Jaxson likes tennis, visiting the Living Desert zoo and fishing at nearby Lake Cahuilla. “Funny thing,” notes Andrea, “we took polo lessons in Argentina, not realizing we could have done that five minutes from our home here.”

Don, Andrea and Jaxson Goodman