Meet the Neighbors

Don, Andrea and Jaxson Goodman

"Our Fly-In, Fly-Out Home."

While Don, Andrea and Jaxson Goodman enjoy spectacular L.A. and ocean views from their Pacific Palisades home, they love to escape the coastal fog and big-city bustle by having Andrea fly them to Andalusia on the family plane. "The Jacqueline Cochran Airport is just ten minutes away, so it's very easy for us," she says.
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David and Kim Lomakin

"We fell in love at first sight."

David and Kim Lomakin had placed a deposit on a home in another community, but when they saw Andalusia, they changed their minds instantly. Andalusia was the perfect place for this Orange County couple and their 14-month-old twin girls, Annalise and Elianna.
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Mike and Shar Doolin

"We're so active here,
we call it 'Camp Doolin.'"

Mike and Shar Doolin love to have their son, daughter and three grandchildren join in the fun at their Andalusia home. The warm winter weather is always a major attraction for the Utah clan. "This year, instead of gathering in the snow, the grandkids spent the holiday in the pool," Mike says.
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