Club Q & A

The following questions and answers are designed to provide an understanding of Andalusia Country Club and the membership opportunities available at the Club. As these questions and answers are summary in nature, you should read the Membership Plan and Rules and Regulations prior to purchasing a membership.

Q: What is the purpose of the Club?

A: It is the desire and intent of Andalusia Country Club to provide members and their guests a premier private, exclusive club experience and environment.

Q: What facilities does the Club Offer?

A: The "Club Facilities" include, or are planned to include, the following:

  • A complete eighteen-hole championship golf course designed by Rees Jones on the east side of Madison Street
  • A completed golf practice facility with a putting green and practice range, on the east side of Madison Street
  • A permanent golf clubhouse complex consisting of dining facilities, pro shop, golf storage facilities, men's and women's locker room facilities, golf cart storage facilities, and covered and uncovered patio and deck areas.

The Racquet Club Facilities include the following:

  • Nine championship lighted tennis courts, including 3 red-clay hydro courts and 5 hard surface courts
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming facilities
  • Pickleball
  • Stretch Studio
  • A grill with indoor and outdoor seating

Q: What are the membership opportunities at the Club?

A: The Club presently offers Golf Memberships and Racquet Club and Fitness Center Memberships. The Club offers Resident Golf Memberships and Non-Resident Golf Memberships.

Q: Who owns the Club?

A: Coral Option I, LLC., a Delaware limited partnership, doing business as Andalusia at Coral Mountain, owns and operates the facility.

Q: What are the privileges of a Golf Membership?

A: Golf Members will be entitled to use all of the golf, swimming, tennis, fitness and social facilities of the Club. Golf Members will not be required to pay green fees for use of the golf course.

Q: What are the privileges of a Racquet Club and Social Membership?

A: Racquet Club and Social members will be entitled to use all of the facilities at Andalusia Racquet Club. Racquet Club and Social memberships do not include use of the golf course or practice facilities.

Q: How many memberships will be available in the Club?

A: The maximum number of Golf Memberships that may be issued in the Club is just 695.

Q: What are some of the features of membership in Andalusia Country Club?

  • Immediate Family Privileges. A member, spouse and their unmarried children, under the age of 21 are entitled to membership privileges without having to pay additional membership dues.
  • No Assessments. Members are not subject to either operating or capital assessments.

Q: May I invite guests to the Club?

A: Having your friends enjoy the Club's fine facilities with you is an important attribute of membership in the Club. Therefore, members are encouraged to invite guests to the Club subject to the reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the Club.

Q: What do I have to pay for a membership in the Club?

A: Prospective Golf Members are required to pay a membership deposit in an amount determined by the Club from time to time.

Q: Will the Club offer an Invitational Membership?

A: In order to promote the sale of residence and lots in Andalusia and to introduce the Club to prospective members, the Club reserves the right to issue recallable non-equity, non-voting memberships to persons who do not own residence or lot in Andalusia (the "Invitational Golf Memberships"). Although we will initially offer an Invitational Golf Membership, the Club reserves the right to offer other classifications of Invitational Memberships from time to time.

Q: Can members be assessed to cover any operating deficits or capital improvements?

A: No. Golf Memberships are not subject to any operating or capital assessments. The payment of dues, fees, clubhouse minimums, state taxes, and service charges, personal and other charges that the Club Owner may establish from time to time in its sole discretion is required to obtain and maintain membership privileges and is not a capital or operating assessment. With the exception of these charges, members are not subject to any liability or assessments for the cost and expenses of ownership or management of the Club Facilities. The Club Owner will pay all operating deficits incurred in the operation of the Club Facilities and will retain all operating surplus resulting from operation of the Club Facilities.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: For Membership Information please call:

Andalusia Country Club
58-830 Marbella
La Quinta, CA. 92247
(760) 777 1050(760) 777 1050

This is a general description of the membership opportunities available at The Club. This document is provided for informational purposes only and may not be relied an as a basis for a decision to acquire a membership in The Club. The complete Membership Plan for Andalusia Country Club is available upon request at the Membership Office.